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Head Royal Collections Gallery of Madrid. Guided Tour

The Gallery of the Royal Collections, Among the Best “Cultural Attractions”

In the heart of Madrid, the Gallery of the Royal Collections has gained significant recognition by being classified as one of the most outstanding “cultural attractions” by the prestigious National Geographic magazine in its annual “Best of the World” list for the year 2024.

The Royal Collections in Madrid represent an avant-garde museum concept.

National Geographic praises the museistic vision of the National Heritage, materialized through the opening of the Gallery in the summer of 2023. In a brief span of seven months, this modernist building located in the iconic Plaza de la Armería has successfully established itself as a cultural, educational, and touristic landmark.

The Gallery not only houses valuable collections but is also a masterpiece in itself. The Plaza de la Armería, with its history and splendor, provides the perfect setting for this innovative cultural space. Its rapid consolidation as a reference point highlights its relevance and the warm reception it has received from the public in a short period, emphasizing its cultural and educational impact.

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The Gallery will display its artworks in large exhibition spaces, with open and well-lit rooms. In addition to having an unbeatable panoramic view of Madrid, it will be located in the same Royal Palace of Madrid and opens to the Campo del Moro. The building has received several architecture awards, making it another reason to visit.

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The Royal Collections in Madrid represent an avant-garde museum concept.

These treasures range from evocative paintings by Goya to majestic 17th-century horse-drawn carriages, suggesting a diversity of elements spanning different eras and artistic expressions.

The term “Modern Environment” highlights the fusion of tradition and contemporaneity. The museum has successfully integrated historical pieces into a modernist architectural framework, creating a unique experience for visitors. This contrast between the old and the new adds an extra layer of fascination, showcasing how the museum is not just a guardian of history but also a dynamic and current space.

National Geographic highlights the new home that this building provides for the collections amassed by the Spanish monarchs.

Infographic Royal Collection Gallery in Madrid - TourTime
Infographic Royal Collection Gallery in Madrid - TourTime

Lights that illuminate history.

The magazine emphasizes the bright spaces of the Gallery, where fascinating pieces are exhibited. This space is not just a museum but rather a “museum of museums.”

The careful arrangement of lighting contributes to creating a welcoming atmosphere and highlights the beauty of each piece.

A specific piece highlighted is “San Miguel defeating the demon” from 1692, a masterful sculpture created by the talented Spanish sculptor Luisa Roldán. This detail emphasizes the artistic quality and uniqueness of the works present in the museum. The choice of this specific sculpture suggests that each piece in the Gallery has its own story and meaning, adding layers of richness to the visitor’s experience.

The Royal Collections Gallery is not just a conventional space but a place where each exhibition tells a unique story. Beyond being a traditional museum, the Gallery presents itself as a compilation of diverse museums, each contributing to the cultural narrative it offers.

The Gallery not only physically illuminates its spaces but also enlightens history through exceptional pieces, becoming a fascinating and enriching space for visitors.

National Geographic, known for selecting exceptional travel destinations and experiences, has placed the Royal Collections Gallery in the distinguished category of “Best Cultural Spot.” This honor places it alongside other iconic locations such as the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., the Guangzhou Museum of Art in China, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

We encourage you to visit the Royal Collections Gallery  with Tour Time and take advantage of the guided museum tour led by one of our professionals to explore the best of this museum.

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