Royal Palace of Madrid Tour

Let yourself be guided by Expert Guides at the Royal Palace

Come and see the Royal Palace accompanied by a Certified Guide.

Personalization and professionalism set us apart.

Royal Palace Madrid Tours

During this visit to the Royal Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid), you will feel like a true member of royalty. There is no better way to discover the history, art, and curiosities that this place holds than by touring some of its main rooms accompanied by an accredited guide.

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What is the price of the visit?

    • Private groups: €140 (1 to 3 people).
    • Additional: €40/person from the fourth person onwards. Check for discounts starting from six people.
    • Children up to 6 years: Free
    • Reduced Price: €29* (Children from 6 to 12 and individuals with special needs). *The reduction applies as long as it does not affect the base price of €140.

Note: Check for possible price variations on weekends for private groups.

What are private groups? These are family or friends’ groups up to 29 people. The visit is private in the sense that no outsider joins the group.

*Check for special prices for company or collective groups by indicating it in the contact form.

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Where is the meeting point?

Royal Palace, Calle de Bailén, s/n, 28071 Madrid. Next to the ticket booth in front of the Almudena Cathedral. (Refer to the map below).

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How long does the visit last?

2 hours, and afterwards, you can stay in the museum as long as you like.

Schedule adapted to your needs.

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¿What does this visit include?

    • Personalized service. We adapt to each client.
    • Our guides are regular and/or exclusive to Tour Time.
    • Small groups to guarantee quality.
    • Itinerary tailored to see the most important works of the museum.
    • Explanations and anecdotes.
    • Assistance and accompaniment from the Tour Time team.
    • We can organize the visit in various languages, primarily these:

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Information about services not included:

Tickets to the Royal Palace. Tour Time can purchase them upon prior reservation. If you want to avoid queues, please indicate it in the contact form.

You have an airport pick-up service or any other point in Madrid, by reservation.

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Tour guided by:

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Eva - Official tourist guide Num 292
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Leticia - Official tourist guide Num 598

Find out about the guided tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Fill in the form for reservation or find out about the visit with an accredited guide. Indicate if you want to buy the tickets to the Royal Collection Gallery through Tour Time..

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    • How to make the reservation? Fill in the form indicating day and time, number of people, etc… We will contact you to discuss details, so you will not have any doubts.
    • Is a minimum number of participants required? The published price is for a minimum of three people, but we also customize for one person. Check the price by filling out the information form.
    • Form of payment: Bank Transfer,  cash, Bizum. 
    • What are radio guides? They are a wireless guiding system that allows easy communication between the guide and the visitor. It is the most practical and advisable method for communication so that you don’t miss any details. Do not confuse with Audioguide (in this case, there is no physical person interacting with the visitor).
    • What is an open group? If you come alone or as a couple, you can join other people to form a group.
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  • If you have paid in advance for the tour reservation, you can cancel up to 24 hours before for a full refund.
  • If canceled with less notice, arrives late, or does not show up, there will be no entitlement to a refund.

About the Royal Palace and our tour:

We will start this journey from the Plaza de la Armería, where an introduction to the origins and history of the Royal Palace will be provided. From there, direct access will be made to the interior of the Palace, transporting you on a kind of journey through time that will allow you to enjoy frescoes, sculptures, tapestries, various decorative arts, and much more as you explore the different rooms.

In the tour, we will see the following places among others:

• Main Staircase.
• Halberdiers’ Hall.
• Hall of Columns.
• Antechamber of Carlos III.
• Chamber of Carlos III or Gasparini.
• Porcelain Cabinet.
• Gala Dining Room.
• Banda Room.
• Silver Room.
• Royal Chapel.
• Antechamber of Queen María Cristina.
• Crown Room.
• Throne Room.
• Royal Armory. You can visit it at your leisure once the tour with your guide is complete.

Don’t think twice and come to discover, hand in hand with Tour Time, the largest palace in Western Europe. Yes, you read that right, the Royal Palace of Madrid can boast of being larger than the Palace of Versailles (France) or Buckingham Palace.