Customized Tour Organization in Madrid

Let yourself be guided by the experience of a Guided Tours Agency.

Do you want to Customize a Tour in Madrid?

We have extensive experience in designing each tour based on the needs of every client.
We arrange visits to museums, guided tours around Madrid, or any other customized combination of activities.

Explain your requirement to us

Whether it’s a private tour, group, or corporate.

We tailor the offer to the number of people, requirements (culture, training, team-building…)

Complete visit management 

Just enjoy with the assurance that everything will go perfectly. 

We adjust the visit to your origin, language, or pickup point. Are you coming by bus, metro, etc…?

Customized Route Design

Customized route design depending on the agreed meeting point or where you’re going to have lunch or dinner.

Complementary Services

You’ll feel accompanied! We manage ticket purchases or the hiring of other additional services such as restaurant reservations, private bus, tourist bus, etc.

Just tell us what you need!

Tell us what you need, and we’ll arrange it.

We design unique and diverse experiences that allow travelers to explore Madrid without missing anything.

We will organize a customized tour according to your needs and objectives. 
Do you need a historical and artistic tour? Want to know where to enjoy the best Madrilenian cuisine?
Want to discover the most commercial streets? And at the same time, not miss out on the essentials of Madrid.

Support Team

To ensure everything goes smoothly in a large group, you have a support team to guarantee the experience of all the activities you need.

Contact us if you want Customized Tours for individuals, companies, or groups:

  • We design tailor-made and fully customizable experiences. 
  • We organize enjoyable outings for your children. 
  • We book tickets for tourist attractions (Museums, Cathedrals, etc.)
  • We arrange special events such as company meetings, seminars, team building, etc. 
  • We organize personalized cultural visits for students from schools, high schools, or universities. 
  • The assurance of having a tour completely tailored to your profile and preferences.

Find out about the customization services at Tour Time.